Anthony Nathan

The Realisor, Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur, enthused with the purpose of bringing innovations to life through TMARA.

Henning du Preez

The Architect, Co-Founder

Strategic innovator and market adoption expert. Travelled the world assisting amazing organisations in the field of Theory of Constraints. Now 110% focussed on making a significant difference in the field of innovation market adoption.

Elizabeth Van den Berg

The Fixer, Co-Founder

Elizabeth has broad experience in developing strategic interventions that cause disruption in customer value, build board engagement and drive change. She is passionate about helping organisations and investors back the right initiatives.

Donald Stuart

The Enabler, Co-Founder

Results orientated and strategically focused. A proven track record of leading and managing companies to sustainable success.

Multiple successful turnarounds and start-ups and a fair number of flops/pivots/failures/ non starters.

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