Our Science & Art

TMARA has codified the principles and practices, to position a new innovation perfectly, for hitting its market’s sweet spot consistently.

 TMARA has developed a proven technique to unlock the exceptional market value, each unique innovation brings. We have a proprietary 3 stage methodology to convert a “nice-to-have’ innovation, into a market ‘must-have’, by creating an offer the market cannot refuse. We do not believe in “trial and error”, but rather “define and align” to hit the market’s sweet spot consistently.

Stage 1: Intrinsic Value

“Your innovation can bring benefits, if and only if, it diminishes a limitation for the market.”

Find the limitation your innovation removes, and you have found your market’s sweet spot!

Stage 2: Realisable Value

“Your innovation is necessary, but not sufficient, the market must adopt a new way or new rule, to realise the full benefits emanating from the removed limitation.”

Find and adopt the new approach, and you have found the key for the market to unlock the value!

Stage 3: Guaranteed Value

Any new innovation, will benefit from a catalyst that helps to accelerate the rate of adoption –a catalyst, like ‘Putting your money where your mouth is!”

After successfully aligning with the first two principles, you will be able to offer a success guarantee.

Our Guaranteed Market Adoption Program

We apply our algorithm to:

Identify the best Target Market (path of least resistance)

Define the target market’s Sweet Spot

Align your market offering through a 3-principle process, to ensure you hit the mark(et) consistently

Define your new value guarantee that counts

Go to Market – prove that your value guarantee will increase your market traction dramatically


Build the required delivery mechanism, to get your guaranteed value offering to market, and cope with rapid market adoption.

Market Adoption Risk Assessment