Our unique space is ‘Market Adoption or Traction’

First you innovate, and then you have to take your innovation to market.

The moment your innovation takes the form of an offering to a market our algorithm becomes applicable.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the market, and then look back at the innovation-based offering. We operate from the first principles that define value in the eyes of the market.

Innovation (a new method, process, application, technology, etc) on its own, is of no value until you convert it into value.

Our algorithm acts like a guide or catalysts during the conversion process.

TMARA assists to convert innovation into value in the following way

Potential Value:

“Value is created by removing a significant limitation for the customer, in a way that was not possible before, and to the extend that no significant competitor can deliver.”

Do you know of any other way to create value?

Realised Value:

“Value is realised from the removed limitation, by adopting new ways/rules, enabled by the innovation”.

Do you agree, that if the customer continues to use the old way/rules, that they will not realise the full value because they are acting as if the limitation still exists?

Guaranteed Value:

“Value is guaranteed only to the level you can reliably enable the new way/rule.”

Do you agree, that if the innovation can not totally diminish the limitation, or that you cannot ensure the customer will adopt the new way or rule, offering any guarantee would be risky at best?

Companies that got the above right, enjoyed exponential growth for an extended period of time until their competitors caught up.