Our purpose is to stack the odds of success in favour of innovators.

3 steps to successful market adoption for your innovation

Assess success in advance

Through TMARA’s unique algorithm (rules), we can now assess the current market adoptability of any innovation.

Accelerate traction

By adopting the TMARA process (methodology) we can accelerate the traction / market adoption rate.

We build and guarantee a sales hit rate that allows for exponential growth:

  • Reduce time to market acceptance and create product market fit
  • Build a rapidly scaleable business due to simplicity and market pull

Guaranteed Value

TMARA ensures the innovation becomes a market ‘must-have’, by employing  a proprietary catalyst, which we call the TMARA Value Guarantee That Counts.

What our clients say about TMARA

“TMARA has shifted our thinking about customer value propositions, and what we thought we knew about offering value. Creating a new head space in how we target our market however, requires unlearning. TMARA has successfully shifted our dominant logic.”

Justin ThomasHead Innovation and Business Solutions First National Bank

“Through TMARA, we’ve opened markets and applications for our expert-decision-cloning AI technology, that has placed us at the centre of the financial sector, and given us the lift-off we were looking for.”

Carl WockeFounder and CEO, Merlynn Technologies

“TMARA has positioned Layby Cafe as a market “must-have” for both our merchant suppliers and consumers in our market. Our TMARA crafted Value Guarantee That Counts, has hit the market’s sweet spot on the first attempt, and accelerated our traction.

Gerhard PrinslooCEO, Layby Cafe